September 5, 2010

Whimsical Jewelry

Hi there Everyone! I was looking through my jewelry the other day and realized I don't have much. I gave away a bunch of things during the last room cleaning expedition and have yet to restock! 
Though I do appreciate bold, statement pieces from time to time, I much prefer the more delicate and whimsical pieces I found when I was doing some internet browsing...

I first saw this design in Lucky magazine and instantly fell in love. It was designed by Moss Mills and she has created a whole line dedicated to these delicate birds and nature. 

This Lion Head bracelet is chunkier than the previous pieces but the gold color and thick links give it an elegant and regal effect.

These pieces have a more adventurous theme to them.

I have to say that this Letter in an Envelope necklace is my favorite. I adore the idea of old fashioned 'snail mail'. I imagine a gentleman leaving a sweet letter for his lover, asking to be 'for keeps'. Obviously I'm a romantic at heart and my imagination runs away ahead of me... 

And in the spirit of all things whimsical, I found these funny, cute rings from a new line in Japan. The last one leaves me craving for a sweet! 

Of course, all of this pretty jewelry needs to go in a pretty jewelry box! I'm pretty finicky about how I store my treasures; I want them to be safe from dust but I also want to be able to see what I have. Right now I have a couple of ceramic dishes from Anthropologie, which hold my rings, earrings and bracelets, while a long creme-colored, parchment box holds my necklaces. 

However, I did find this little box and thought it was just perfect!

Being made of white ivory, the box is decorated with birds, flowers and leaves. The small delicate carvings and cutouts give the box a delicate lace look. The key is also a romantic touch. 

Yesterday, with the help from my dad, I moved a couple pieces of furniture in my room and it looks great! It's amazing what a few simple changes can do. Check out my entire room renovation plan, coming soon on my new blog:  


  1. My favorite piece would have to be the lion necklace =) I think the chunky piece like that is a wonderful/quirky contrast to the white blouses in my closet ^^

    Good to hear that you're finally getting into that new room X3 So sorry that I didn't help you with it as much as I wanted to ;( I'm sure with your taste, it will still look fab though =) Refreshing, romantic, and ever so whimsical <3

  2. how do you purchase these if at all possible? they're SO beautiful!!!