November 28, 2012

Whimsical Wednesday: Holiday Gift Guide

{A cute Love Bunnies Ring Holder that shows all your pretty baubles. $12} 
 It's that time again! It's the Holidays and in addition to drinking hot cocoa, eating snowman-shaped cookies, and squeezing in time to see all of our family & friends, we're also scratching our heads on what to give everyone for gifts! I thought I'd list a few of my favorites; but remember that whatever we give, it will mean so much more when you give it with Love.
{Lowrider Athletic headphones for your guy that look hip as listens to music. $39.95}  

{Like giving a knitter an array colored yarn, giving a baker an array of fun Sprinkles is just as sweet. $9.95}

{Give your mother or aunt a bit of luxury with this Plush Stole. $48}

{Feeling Crafty? Dip plain, white feathers into metallic paint and glitter; give to a friend with a nice stationary set to keep in touch with him/her over the upcoming year.}

Enjoy! xoxo 

October 29, 2012

Needle & Thread

These are a few of the projects I have in mind to complete for the upcoming holidays! Of course I'm hoping they'll be easy enough for me to do quickly but they look so sweet that I don't mind if it takes longer.... I definitely need to finish them by the New Year lol. 


Images via my Pinterest board Needle & Thread

September 19, 2012

Wish List: Animal Print & Neutral Colors

{A blouse with an animal print adds a touch of whimsy your outfit. Zara}

Cat-Spotted Kitten Heels -
{Running with the animal print... great heel in navy for Fall. Anthropologie}

Moonstruck Shoulder Bag -
{Always needed in one's closet-a neutral colored bag with a bit of sparkle. Anthropologie}


July 16, 2012

Floats like a Balloon

{White balloons-perfect backdrop to the peach & mint setting.}
It's not a party unless there's balloons and these venues really do go all out to make sure no one can say otherwise! With so many different styles and colors, it's fun to think of all the different ways you can decorate a single room or space with them to create a particular theme.

{These colorful balloons bunched up together allow for a more intimate yet fun feel.}
{Done in softer tones, these ones don't overwhelm the room but add a bit of whimsy.}
{For a more elegant feel, mix gold and white balloons.}
{Slightly lager shapes with golden tassels instead of ribbon make for a more chic setting.}
It's gonna be a great party! xoxo

Images via my 'Themed Gatherings' board on Pinterest. 

July 1, 2012

Fits to a T

{T-straps in an elegant color combo; reminds of styling from the 20's. Seychelles}
My recent obsession this season has been with T-strap sandals and flats. I don't usually wear heels so when I go to work or out to dinner, a T-strap flat that has simple but pretty detailing and colors still gives my outfit a lift.
{These give off a Hollywood glam vibe with the nude color & jewel studs.}
{Chic looking with the snake print and gold T-strap. Anthropologie
{Ocean-like t-straps with blue colors and scale detailing. Anthropologie}
{These are done in a rich yellow with gold studs; feels resort-like. Aldos}

June 12, 2012

Where have I been & What have I been up to?

Hi all!!! I bet you have been wondering where I've been all this time or at least I have. A busy semester has just ended and I finally found the time to sit and see what I've done. Turns out I accomplished quite a bit! 
{I did the internship for Anthropologie and had such a wonderful experience!}
{All of our projects were so creative and I also dabbled into apparel merchandising.}
{It was fabulous to see the finished coral reef and jelly fish displayed for the windows!}
{I participated in the Back on Track program for Goodwill of S.F}
{Did a couple of closet audits-a new service I'm offering to my clients.}
{Played with my recently born nephew, Emilio Joaquin Cisne Reyes! Stong name no?}
{A bit big for him now but he'll grow into it!}
{Took a class and had a theme to display each week using Visual Merchandising tools.}
{Displayed card-making tools for Halloween and designer jewelry for Spring.}
{I also celebrated my 24th birthday with friends and family. Still telling people I'm 23!}

It was truly a busy semester but one filled with great projects, fun events and exciting experiences! With Summer just beginning, I better get on the ball to have more of those but I'll make sure to display them here as I go along rather than showing them later! 


April 5, 2012

Fun Looks for Spring

{A stripped tee with a floral skirt- fun and quirky combo.}
{Grey and white stripes with pink and green solids-simple and sweet.}
{Peplum blouse with fun stripes over bright red pants-great pops of color.}
{A white collar shirt with a lace skirt-classic and chic.}
These looks are great for this Spring season with bright pops of colors, fun patterns and simple but sweet silhouettes!