April 5, 2012

Fun Looks for Spring

{A stripped tee with a floral skirt- fun and quirky combo.}
{Grey and white stripes with pink and green solids-simple and sweet.}
{Peplum blouse with fun stripes over bright red pants-great pops of color.}
{A white collar shirt with a lace skirt-classic and chic.}
These looks are great for this Spring season with bright pops of colors, fun patterns and simple but sweet silhouettes! 


1 comment:

  1. Oh my,

    I should have looked at this sooner. I love the mix of styles you have! I would love to wear something like Look #1. So airy and flowery!

    ... Bleh, short people and regular sized skirts makes me sad D= We need more petite things XD

    <3 Anna