July 16, 2012

Floats like a Balloon

{White balloons-perfect backdrop to the peach & mint setting.}
It's not a party unless there's balloons and these venues really do go all out to make sure no one can say otherwise! With so many different styles and colors, it's fun to think of all the different ways you can decorate a single room or space with them to create a particular theme.

{These colorful balloons bunched up together allow for a more intimate yet fun feel.}
{Done in softer tones, these ones don't overwhelm the room but add a bit of whimsy.}
{For a more elegant feel, mix gold and white balloons.}
{Slightly lager shapes with golden tassels instead of ribbon make for a more chic setting.}
It's gonna be a great party! xoxo

Images via my 'Themed Gatherings' board on Pinterest. 

1 comment:

  1. I love this! Balloons are usually branded as "tacky," but I love the way these balloons were used! I think I'll steal the tassel idea one day. :)

    <3 Anna