March 14, 2011

Warhol Reimagined

Hi all! I've recently had the great experience of going to San Francisco's Project One Gallery to attend the opening of Warhol Reimagined: The New Factory. A group of 36 artists were asked to reinterpret and recreate some of Andy Warhol's most classic and famous works. 

The result was one spectacular viewing of the "New Artist Movement" genre and a look into the minds of some of the most talented artists we have today.

They lovely and far-out Elizabeth Taylor.

This guy was a riot! Bruce was his name.
My favorite piece

Of course there was also the wall of reinterpreted soup cans...

Overall, it was a wonderful experience with a great turn out of so many people! It's amazing to see how artists can differ from each other so much as seen from their reinterpretations of one man's artworks. 


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  1. Did that man have a "mini-mi" in his pocket?! So cool! Overall, it looked like a great gallery :)
    Man, I wish I could have seen it XD Thanks for the pics!

    Keep posting!