September 30, 2010

Fall is Here!

Hi Everyone! Fall is officially here, or it has been for a while at least. I've just now gotten into to the groove of it as I wore my warm- orange sweater with a comfy, black scarf today-halloween colors I know...

Anyways, I was flipping through some of my old Lucky magazines from last year (I really need to downsize) and saw a few of my favorite looks that are still trendy this year for Fall. Take a peek!

The overall look of the dress is soft & comfy but military details, such as the buttons and shoulder appliques, gives it a more polished look. The structured-leather bag is a nicely added touch. 

Normally I prefer more fitted clothing when going out but admit that the drape of the coat, with the lapel and folds, give it a comfy yet elegant look. 

We're back to the military jacket look again with the jacket but what I like is that it's done in bright red. The vest underneath compliments the jacket nicely, while the striped blouse balances the overall tone of the outfit. I love how it's draped in this photo; not sure if it was styled or designed to look that way. 

I'm off to study hard now... or at least try to! xoxo 

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