January 24, 2012

The Ferry Building- San Francisco, Ca

Always bustling with high energy, the Ferry Building is filled with people looking for  quality market food and the best spot to sit and have lunch. I recently made the trip down there after hearing my sister rave about the tasty treats she had there herself!
{The place that sparked this cool venture! Yummy chai lattes & hot chocolate made from fresh milk.}
{Divine chocolates and candies.}
{The inside architecture is inspiring to look at...}
{These fresh oysters were so good, I wanted more after just having eaten two!}
{Boccalone- great quality meats and an interesting 'Salumi Cone' on the menu.}
{This market had all kinds of fun and colorful pasta; check out the sombrero hats!}
{Of course no market place type would be without the famous Blue Bottle Coffee.}

I had a great time looking through all of the different venues the Ferry Building had to offer; I was definitely happy and full by the end! 


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