October 4, 2011

Room Decor: Silvana Danies

{A chic magnifying glass lays over some styling and decor books.}
Trying to get my space settled over this past summer had me thinking well beyond having a rolling rack for my clothes and a bed to sleep in. It's the details in the accents and decorating that turn a room into your space; a place you where you can express yourself and share who you are. Visiting my friend in her new studio in downtown San Francisco, I found that she had done all what was said previously very well! 
{A bohemian-chic jewelry designer, Silvana accents her room with natural & unique pieces that have spirit.}
{A simple yet chic tray and lantern rest over stacks of displayed magazines.}
{A metal chest with strips of inlaid wood. Useful yet fits her aesthetic.}
{Love how she displays this set of ceramic measuring spoons on a shelf instead of hiding them  in a drawer.}
{Adding a touch of whimsy with this retro case and umbrella holder in shape of boots.}
Being invited to someone's space is a unique way of getting to know the person as they are in their own environment that is carefully or whimsically crafted over time; there is a trust that is shared as they are indeed sharing a bit of themselves with you.


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  1. I love you're friends place! The white, wood, and silver tones are just so well placed! Thank you for sharing her creativity with us.

    I want the boots.

    <3 Anna