July 25, 2011

Grecian Delight

{Anthropologie Grecian BLouse, Gap Jeans, Avenue Heels}
As a true romantic at heart, I adore morning strolls, moonlit walks, hot cocoa in the rain and the sight of an elderly couple holding hands after all these years. I'd like to say that my personal style reflects these details which is why I'm drawn to anything that flows, is soft and of course is romantically inspired. This top is light and very grecian looking, perfectly suited to my tastes. I decided to balance the look with dark wash skinny jeans, clog heels and added a couple of delicate accessories. 
{Urban Outfitters Butterfly cut-out Necklace}
{Vintage Coin Bracelet}

It's been sunny the past few days but very windy... what a summer! 



  1. Before I even read your post I thought "Grecian!" The golden coins are very sweet touches and your hairstyle compliments the look :) The only one thing I would suggest is to may don silvery headbands or hairpiece of some sort. I think it would still go with the Grecian feel while bringing that gorgeous gray from head to toe ^^

    You look lovely <3


  2. awesome - where can i get a top like that? that bracelet.....too cute of a find!

  3. Hey D, your outfit is great! looks fantastic.
    hope all is well. Miss you bunchs