June 28, 2011

The Grove...S.F, Ca

My sister and I fell in love with Grove cafe up in the Fillmore neighborhood, but didn't go there very often because of cramped seating. Imagine our surprise when we found another location in Hayes Valley that had just opened and had plenty of space to stretch our arms and legs! 

{A charming spot with wide open windows and great menu to pick and choose from.}
{A mixed crowd can always be found here on their laptops, reading or eating B,L & D}
{Plenty of outdoor seating, perfect for those sunny days!}
{My sister sipped a Watermelon Lemonade while I enjoyed the Lavender Lemonade!}

So happy to have found this new location where we can enjoy tasty treats and people watch!  My sister and I are definitely making it a promise to visit more often this time. Hope everyone gets a chance to visit too!


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  1. Wow, this place looks like a great hangout! I envy your San Franciscan life ^~