April 25, 2011

The smallest one was...

Hi all, I hope everyone had a Happy Easter! Today I'd like to introduce to you my sister Gabby a.k.a Gabriela. Lately she has been the inspiration for a couple of ideas I have in mind for Whimsical Hearts and I decided to implement the first one today. Starting next weekend, I will be coordinating and styling Gabby's outfits for the weekend (I don't think she can handle me dressing her every single day) and will post them on Mondays! This will definitely give me a chance to work on my styling.... and be able to tell  Gabby what to do once in a while =D. 

Ambience Leather Jacket, Nordstrom Chiffon Tunic and Sustainable Tennies,  and H&M Leggings.

Her overall style is a cross between punk-rock and romantic as shown here with her leather, motorcycle jacket and flower printed tunic.  

Gotta love that hair. She recently cut it again, giving her bangs and fuller volume. Can't wait to show you all next week!