February 22, 2011

For Sale, Bedroom Set!!

Looking for a Bedroom Furniture set from the late 60's? Then look no further! 

Below I have a set of 7 pieces which include: 1 mirror, 1 nightstand, 1 overhead shelf case, 2 dressers with 6 drawers each, and 2 bed frames for a full sized bed. Made completely of wood and veneer tops, this set was my mother's from the late 60's and has served me well. 

The reason I am offering it for sale is because I will be remodeling my room and will look for smaller pieces. 

My sale offer is $500 for the whole set.

Please leave a comment if you or know of anyone who might be interested. I will also post on Craigslist under 60's Bedroom Furniture Set.

Thanks! Diana 

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