January 10, 2012

Ocean Beach & Sutro Baths-S.F

{Ruins of the Sutro Baths.}
The Ocean Beach and Sutro Baths are some of San Francisco's hauntingly, beautiful spots. With the sun barely peeking through the hazy clouds, Ocean Beach tends to be a gloomy but calming place that seems to stretch forever. At the very end of the beach, one can find the remains of the once luxurious Sutro Baths. We can see nothing now but the skeleton of the indoor pool's structure; one would think that the city would try to preserve such a historic treasure, instead of having it slowly waste away into the ocean as it has been for the past 45 years. 

{Closets view and pathway to the baths.}
{My father telling my sister and I a bit of history.}
{Ocean Beach view, facing away from the baths.}

What struck me the most was how quiet both places seemed to be. With the ocean roaring in the background, there is definitely noise, yet it is a constant noise that almost disappears as you continue to walk through the somewhat eerie and calm scenery.


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