October 14, 2011

Going out to Dinner...

My favorite detail about this dress from Anthropologie, is the scarf attached to the back and how it gently wraps around the neck and shoulders. It's a lovely dress that transitions from Summer to Fall with ease and the accessories are simple yet chic. A pretty look for dinner or a night out on the town.


  1. I like how you picked up on the ethnic (almost nomadic) vibe on that dress with the arabesque bracelet and that beautiful pale gold clutch :) Personally I would also wear this with a pop of color. That orange umbrella in your collection of pictures for example brings out the gold in both the bracelet and the bag.

    Lovely outfit <3
    (Wish I could afford it.)

    <3 Anna

  2. I wonder what I would wear/how to dress up if I couldnt walk in heels:0