September 8, 2011

It's Sheer Brilliance!

Hi all! It is now September and we should be getting ready for the Fall season. However, San Francisco, being a bit unusual as it proudly is, will just be getting ready for it's Indian Summer! The weather will never rise above 90 degrees to not need a sweater but the sun is warm enough and perfect for a dress. So why not mix the two together create a simple but effective look for in between the seasons?
{We first take a lovely sheer sweater...}
{...and wear it over a slip that is in a more softer but lovely color!}

Like I said, it's Sheer brilliance! 


Images via Anthropologie

1 comment:

  1. I saw your title and immediately thought:
    I love sheer items!!!

    In addition to sheer cloth, I've also been into distressed knits and lace :) So layer-able and awesome X3 The sweater-dress combo is one of my favorite layering strategies <3

    Anna <3

    P.S. So jealous of Indian summers, fall is fast approaching here and the falling leaves make me sad ;(