September 19, 2011

Creative Projects

{These would be great to add a little bit of whimsical to any party!}
I though I'd share what I have pinned to my Creative Projects board on Pinterest. I always wish I had more time to work on or to even get started on these DIY projects but there always seems to be so many other things to read...sleep...more sleep...and surf through various sites/blogs. This time however I will dedicate less time to sleep and more time to these wonderful projects that I'm sure will put more smiles on people's faces and mine once I finish them!  
{I think these wheels would look great bunched together and in a vase.}
{Adding a little something special to hold all your other special somethings.}
{Light and elegant flowers to add to your purse, scarf or hair.}


  1. So pretty! I had no idea you could use doilies on dishes like that :D !!!! Now I need to go to IKEA or something hahah!

    I hear ya on not having time though. I have a DIY project myself stuck in the back-burner >< My goal is to make a scrap book or album commemorating the great times I have with my boyfriend this year (as a parting gift).

    I'm a hopeless romantic sap.

    Thanks for the inspiration! <3
    Anna :)

  2. Diana I like your blog! Max :)